Hi! I’m Jenny, the owner of Happily Ever After Books!

I have been a life long lover of books and of love stories. And I truly believe books have the power to change lives! It started with Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe, my original “one true pairing”. As a child I was one of those annoying kids who took out 40 books from the library at a time. My appetite for books was so voracious, and my imagination along with it. ⁣

I read my first romance, a Harlequin, on my grandmother’s porch after having stole it from her closet. From there I was obsessed and I devoured as many as I could get my hands on. From that moment on, I’ve always believed that everyone deserves their own happy ever after.

When I decided to start Happily Ever After Books, I knew my goal was a clear. I want to share in your love of romance, I want to share in your joy of finding the romance novel that speaks to your heart — whether it’s a Duke, a Plumber, a Billionaire or a 7ft tall blue Alien.⁣

The modern romance genre is more diverse and inclusive than it has ever been, and we can only continue to improve on those things by claiming a space for romance readers to celebrate the stories they can find themselves in, stories that bring them joy, that find them peace, that excite them, that show them they deserve respect and consent and trust in their romantic and/or sexual relationships. ⁣

The romance genre gives their readers agency, it encourages them to challenge mediocrity, to challenge the status quo that “romance novels are just a fantasy” when in fact they are often the standard of basic decency to which all people deserve in their relationships. ⁣

This is why romance novels are important, and that’s why Happily Ever After Books had to exist. ⁣