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Tamara Lush



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Alex Jenkins, an ambitious ex-motorcyclist and heir to billions, fakes his engagement to Evie Cooper to claim his inheritance. But with a single kiss, everything changes.

Alex Jenkins has a reputation: he's Atlanta's most eligible bachelor, a former competitive motorcycle racer, and a man who isn't afraid of a bit of a challenge. But when the off-limits marketing intern Evie Cooper catches his attention, self-control has a whole new meaning.

Both Alex and Evie attempt professionalism but their undeniable passion pushes them further to the edge. Between in-office outfit adjustments and late-night secretarial work, their close proximity is pure torture.

The suspense builds as Evie is reluctantly drawn into an engagement-for-show so Alex can secure his place as the company’s successor. His reputation as a bad boy is not exactly on brand and a serious commitment could prove to his family that he is mature enough to take over. With the engagement comes family drama and the ever-present eye of the matriarch, Alex's steely and strong grandmother, Eleanor Dorothy Jenkins.

As Evie becomes immersed in the Jerkins clan, her humble origins come into stark contrast with the snobbery of the billionaire lifestyle. Awash in new-found lust and overwhelmed by a world of luxury, Evie struggles to decipher between what is a ruse and what is real.

Can Alex exchange his love for the chase for real love? Can Evie’s spunk and personality win over Alex’s family? Can their raw passion transform their fauxmance into a meaningful relationship?

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