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Lindo Forbes

The Insufferable Mr. Fletcher

The Insufferable Mr. Fletcher

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When appearances are everything, can you get a second chance to make a first impression?

Junior Sano likes to be in control. In an industry that can be exploitative, she’s learned to hide her sensitive underbelly to get ahead. When new producer Davis Fletcher is ushered in, she writes him off as another corporate drone who’ll fail upward role-playing ‘Producer’ for IMDB credits.

Becoming the trusted right hand to the studio head with the chance to lead his own project was beyond Davis Fletcher’s wildest imaginings. The final hurdle is completing a season in the trenches of their flagship series. He can’t afford any distractions - not even for the walking, talking threat to his equilibrium that is Junior Sano.

Voluntold to help Davis with the season finale, Junior’susual method of avoiding the insufferable pedant won’t work. Nor will braining him with a stapler. But it doesn’t take long for her to realise hes alarmingly good at his job and has the uncanny ability to see through her façade. So when Davis confesses that he likes her likes her and seals his declaration with a whopper of a kiss, it forces Junior to decide if a relationship with Davis is worth relinquishing her precious control or will keeping the reins prove she's been the insufferable one all along.



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