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Zoe York

Fearless At Heart

Fearless At Heart

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For twenty years, Seth Kincaid has kept his visits to his home town brief. He’s not avoiding January Howe, exactly—he’s giving his high school girlfriend space. But that distance evaporates when she takes over her family’s marina for the summer. Which means every time he flies his floatplane into the harbour, she’s there, and the temptation to fall into her sunny smile and forget about the past is stronger than ever. He can’t resist lending a hand, though. Not when she needs the help.

January has a lot on her plate. She’s temporarily raising her niece and nephew while her sister is overseas, and running the family business, too. The last thing she needs is the dangerous risk of pretending a fling with Seth could be simple. Except the grown man version of the boy she once dated is…perfectly easy. He helps with the kids, no questions asked, and then once they’re asleep, satisfies her in ways her eighteen-year-old self couldn’t have imagined.

But two decades of distance is a shadow layered on top of complicated, long-ago memories.

Whatever this temporary magic spell they are under, it can only be for the summer. Any chance of something else between them disintegrated the day Seth joined the Air Force—and broke her teenage heart.

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