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Soft Flannel Hank

Soft Flannel Hank

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Esther MacLaren never pictured her life going so spectacularly sideways. A thirty-five-year-old witch with an art degree and no other job prospects, she took a job bartending at a vampire-owned nightclub in Savannah. But after seeing something she wasn’t mean’t to, Esther has been on the run for months. With nothing but her intuition to guide her Esther finds herself in the Pacific Northwest, careening directly into the path of Hank Dove.

Hank Dove is as big as he is quiet. He’s forty-five, divorced, depressed, and trying therapy for the very first time. When Esther blows into his quiet, lonely life with all the subtlety of a squall, Hank is left reeling by feelings and desires he thought were long gone. Maybe, just maybe, he’s not quite as stuck as he thought.

A one-night stand feels like so much more, but Hank discovers that he doesn't trust as easily as he used to. All of Esther's dangerous secrets don't help. How can he keep her safe if he doesn't know the truth? And how can he let himself love her if she won't stay?

Soft Flannel Hank is a dual POV, contemporary, paranormal romance with open door/explicit scenes. This book is intended for audiences 18+. HEA guaranteed.

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