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Blair Leigh

What Comes After

What Comes After

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Eliza Davis' new home is everything she wanted-community, a sense of belonging, a fresh start. An added bonus was living with her best friend, Simone, and befriending a jilted groom whose wedding day disaster she was witness to. But, Jack Peters was not someone to be pitied. Sarcastic, caring, and, most importantly, in love with her daughter, Jack helps take Eliza's mind off the pain of her past and allows her to just have fun.


But, small towns are known for meddling, and everyone assumes there's more to Eliza and Jack than the two can see. Eliza is adamant that they're just friends. Even if he makes her daughter laugh again. Even if he comes over to chase ghosts out of the attic without a second thought. Even if he makes her heart squeeze in ways she forgot.

Just. Friends.
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